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In order to download this wonder, all you have to do is to click with your fingers. Only one archive is necessary to benefit of the incredible possibilities of the GOTO++ and in less than one week you will be ready to try this language. Warning, at this date, the softwares are in french (error messages for example).

Source packages

First, the source, which contains absolutely everything:


You will need Cmake if it is not already avalaible on your computer. Quick instructions for Unix: make a directory plop in the distribution that you have downloaded, type cd plop then cmake .. and make and finaly make install. Voil�, it is installed in /usr/local (use cmake -i .. in order to choose something else). With Windows, there is a graphical interface with Cmake.

You can browse the source repository on Github.

Binary packages

Now the compilated things, for the lazy:

Windows 2000/XP0.28gpp-win32-i386.msi
Windows 2000/

Notice: the MSI for Windows allows to install the GOTO++. You will need Microsoft Installer 2 for Windows NT/2000. It is integrated in Windows XP and later. This binary version does not work with Windows 95/98/NT4.


Modules are no more downloadable individualy. See the sources or the binary distributions.


And now, miscanelous things:

Coloration for NEdit: to activate it, type nedit -import gpp.pats and save the preferences.

Coloration for VIM: put it in ~/.vim/syntax and to activate it type :setf gpp then :syntax on.

For Windows 2000/XP, two useful things: automatic completion of filenames with tab et change the default font for the console. Download these two files and install them by double clicking on them. The registrery will be updated. It is needed to use the Windows command line with no pain.

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