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You too, read this and discover this exceptionnal language!

The GOTO++ (this fabulous language) is the result of a considerable amount of work and reflexions about the meaning of life, the world that surrounds us, the usefulness of the jointed legs coleopter in our ecosystem, and many other important things. Anyway, the creation has been motived at first by the utermost necessity to count the suicides of pinguins in the southener regions of the wild Antartica. To speak more concretly, the GOTO++ is based on non conventional rules. There is no logical operation in GOTO++, even if we can reproduce them with complex tricks. The basic operation is the GOTO, which do absolutely nothing. Next come the GOTOGOTO, which allows to reach another point of the program (a classic goto could you say foolishly). But this GOTOGOTO needs not only a label but a percentage of success that allows the exceptional interficial intelligence of the GOTO++ to compute the probability to reach the label. Now, normaly, you spirit has been enlighted, you just reached the liberty of the cycle of samsara and you realize with enthousiasm the innumerable possibilities that are now at the tips of your fingers. So, do not hesitate anymore, join the millions of programmers that already chose the GOTO++ as their favourite language!

Here is, as an example, the famous “Hello World!” written in GOTO++. Notice the elegance of the code and the fact that our loop is not infinite but is repeated a random number of times.

GOTOPRINTDUTEXTE() ; «Hello World !»
GOTO which do nothing

The characteristics of the language


Sidoine De Wispelaere (site), Alexandre Béraud, the NIACs and in particular Tout and Jésus2NIAC

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