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We are constantly assaulted with questions, and that disturb us in our work. So, in order to avoid to have to answer to the same stupid questions again and again, here is a list of questions and their answers:

O beloved Master, why is it written that it is the version 3 of the GOTO++?

Read every JODN (official journal of the NIAC), and you will understand better.

How do we do babies?

With the keyword BEBEPINGOUIN.

You are a such genius, can I have a photo of you, so can I put it on the wall instead of the Einstein one?

Yes, but no question that I stick my tongue out. Send me an e-mail, I will give you the means of paiment.

What means the word “object”?

The ob-ject (from the latin objicio, from ob-jectum: put ahead) point to a... Well you wouldn't understand. Learn french and read the original text, it's so beautifull that english can not render all the poetry in these well chosen words.

Notice that, from a certain point of view, GOTO++ opens a new paradigm, the “abject-oriented programming”. Abject (from the latin abjicio, from ab-jectum: throw away, with violence) point to a radical movement of retreat, opposed to the welcoming of the object; the representation of the abject denotes the necessary distanciation against the real and its monstruous deployment.

How do you pronounce GOTO in GOTO++?

Like every good frenchman: the second O is pronounced like the first. If we wanted to pronounced it like the englishs pronouce it, we would have written it GOTOU++.

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